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Name:Chloe Anne Sullivan
Birthdate:Nov 10, 1986
Location:Metropolis, Kansas, United States of America

The Basics:
Name: Chloe Anne Sullivan
Age: 24
Height: 5’ 3” and some change
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green

Brief Blurb About Chloe
Chloe’s childhood dream was to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for the Daily Planet. Once upon a time, she was on the road to making that dream come true, but Fate dealt her a different hand. Fate gave Chloe the chance to play a part in stopping bad things before they need reporting. After honing her sidekick skills for years, Chloe became Watchtower, the eyes and ears of the Justice League. Although she occasionally does a little freelance writing, her focus now is on the team of superheroes who have become family to her.

Chloe is an excellent researcher, an expert computer hacker, and has a vast network of contacts globally. She’s intelligent, independent, stubborn, loyal, and insatiably curious. All of these traits have, can, and will get her into sticky situations. Thankfully, they also usually help get her out of said situations.

Verse Information

Other Pertinent Information
* Mun and Muse are both over 18
* Mun is on Pacific Time
* Mun welcomes new people :) If you'd like to RP with Chloe, have a plot idea, etc., please feel free to send a PM

I’m not Chloe Sullivan, nor am I Allison Mack. The character belongs to the fine folks over at DC. Allison Mack belongs to herself. I’m just a fan with a lot of love for the character/show and I'm doing this for fun.

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